Next Event: April 8-11, 2021

Tentative Schedule of Events 2020

Thursday August 13th

Session 1: 6:00PM

  • Solos
  • Pro/Am Nightclub Single & Multi Dance. All Caribbean dances will be danced on LIVE music!
  • Live Latin Band Party & Food

We're running! Edits to the schedule will happen we get a better idea of the number of participants and sticking with the Hotel's regulations.

Friday August 14th

Session 1: 7:30AM

  • Pro/Am Rhythm Single and Multi Dance*
  • Pro/Am Standard Single & Multi Dance*

Session 2: 8:00PM

  • Night Club Dances
  • Amateur Latin, Ballroom, Smooth & Rhythm
  • Rising Star Professional Smooth
  • Rising Star Professional Rhythm
  • Rising Star Professional Standard
  • Rising Star Professional Latin

*The Organizer reserves the right to move scholarships to the day’s evening session depending on the amount of entries received.

Saturday August 15th

Session 3: 8:00AM

  • Pro/Am Smooth Single & Multi Dance*
  • Pro/Am Latin Single & Multi Dance*

Session 4: 8:00PM

  • Under 21 Latin & Ballroom
  • Professional Smooth
  • Professional Latin
  • Professional Standard
  • Professional Rhythm
  • Professional Showdance

*The Organizer reserves the right to move scholarships to the day’s evening session depending on the amount of entries received.

Sunday August 16th

Session 5: 9:00AM

  • PT, Jr & Youth Ballroom & Latin
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Unfortunately, our 2020 Philadelphia Dancesport Championships campaign has come to an end…
We are very disappointed to inform you that we have to cancel our event in August. We tried very hard to adapt to a new situation every day, we looked into every possible way to run the event, we really tried.
We were hoping the situation will get better and instead it was getting worse each day. We feel sorry for those people who really wanted to come to dance in Philadelphia, never stopped practicing, wanted to compete and travel and weren’t afraid to do what they love.
At this point it’s not in our power to deliver a safe competition to you, to bring this chance to have a positive goal and motivate people. Of course, people’s safety was our priority always. We all have a family and have to be careful to protect our loved ones. Money was never a main reason why we wanted to make this year’s competition happen. We are all very positive people ( Chuck, Jennifer, Igor) and just wanted to prove that everything is possible. But the situation with the virus and the decision of the State officials made it impossible to continue our crazy adventure.
We hope that you will give us another chance in April 8-11, 2021 to show you what we are capable of. For now we have to cancel all arrangements for August and we will fully refund all competitors’ fees that were paid for the entries in advance, we really appreciate you. We have to stay positive and keep going forward! See you all in April!
Chuck, Jennifer and Igor.