It is our great pleasure to invite you to officiate The 2023 Philadelphia Dancesport Championship at

Philadelphia Marriott Old City
Dock Street, Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Dancesport Championship will be held April 13-16, 2023

Service Requested

Your services will be needed as follows:

Chairman – Thursday April 7, 2022 through Sunday April 10, 2022

Your officiating assignments, along with additional information and instructions will be placed in the welcome package that you will receive upon arrival at the hotel.

Professional Fee

The total fee paid for your services as Chairman (Thursday April 7, 2022 – Sunday April 10, 2022) is $1500

All reimbursements and fee payments will be made by the close of the PDC.


Please make your own travel arrangements to the Event.
Arrival: Thursday April 8, 2021 2:00 PM | Departure: Sunday April 10, 2022 6:00 PM
If you will be flying in, you will be reimbursed for the lowest round trip coach fare booked 21 days in advance. If you will be driving, you will be reimbursed according to the 2023 IRS Standard Mileage rates, which are set as $0.64 per mile. Self-parking at the hotel will be reimbursed.

Airport Transfer: The Philadelphia Dancesport Championship will provide reimbursement for transfer to and from the Hotel. Please provide us with copies of your itinerary and all associated receipts no later than Saturday Morning so that we may prepare your reimbursement. If you are planning on working in other locations during this trip, The Philadelphia Dancesport Championship will pay a pro-rated share of your travel expenses.


You will be provided with hotel accommodations at

Philadelphia Marriott Old City
Dock Street, Philadelphia

Additional Expenses

Your meals during your time at The Philadelphia Dancesport Championship will be provided at the hotel. All personal incidental charges such as Mini Bar, Valet/Laundry, Telephone, etc. will not be covered by The Philadelphia Dancesport Championship and are to be paid in full upon checkout from the Hotel. Should requested, one complimentary admission ticket may be provided to each adjudicator. Please let us know if you will need this ticket upon the return of this form.



Chuck Danza

Fill out and submit the form below to Accept the contract.

Contract Agreement - Officials