Rules & Regulations

The selection process for the Sammy Awards involves carefully identifying and honoring exceptional individuals within the dance community. The following criteria guide our choices:

  1. Top Professional Couples Recognized Nationally:
    • Their contributions to the dance community, performance excellence, and positive influence within the industry will be considered.
  2. Top Amateur Couple Recognized Nationally:
    • We seek amateur couples who have consistently showcased exceptional talent and dedication, earning recognition at the national level.
    • Not only should their dance prowess be evident, but their commitment to the art and their impact on the amateur dance scene will also be evaluated.
  3. Influential Coaches:
    • Coaches under consideration must have made a significant impact on the dancers they have trained, guiding them to success at both national and potentially international levels.
  4. Top Pro/Am Female & Male Teachers from the Global Dancesport Series:
    • The evaluation of Pro/Am teachers will include their proficiency in training and supporting their students to achieve excellence in dancesport competitions.
    • Recognition within the Global Dancesport Series and their dedication to fostering the growth of Pro/Am dancers will be key factors.

The Sammy Awards aim to celebrate individuals who not only excel in their respective categories but also contribute positively to the dance community’s growth and development. The selection committee will carefully assess each nominee’s achievements, impact, and dedication to maintaining the high standards set by Sam Sodano throughout his illustrious career.

4 Categories - Everyone can Vote

Best Pro/Am Teacher
Best Amateur Couple
Best Professional Couple
Best Influencial Coach