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Virtual PDC

Virtual PDC - Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

The 2021 Philadelphia Virtual Dancesport Championships are offering two different virtual categories this year. Pre-record your dancing or compete live on Zoom! All videos will be professionally edited, in perfect time with the music & the other couples, and live-streamed in high definition – for free! The entire competition will be judged in real time and curated by our Master of Ceremonies!

Pre-Recorded Events

  1. Register – For pre-recorded entries, register online and submit payments or send your entry forms (via email) by Wednesday, March 24th.

  2. Music – We have developed a portal for you to easily access your music and upload your videos straight from your phone. Once we receive your entries, you will receive an email with your studio invoice and instructions to access your unique competitor’s page on our portal. On this page, you will see a list of all the dances you’ve entered. Each dance contains the song you will dance to and an option to upload your video for that dance.

  3. Videos – Upload your videos directly to the portal by Monday, March 29th. We must receive your videos by this deadline to give our professional editing team time to process and format them. Click here to view our full Video Submission guidelines.

Live Events

Live Events – If you are competing live on Zoom, submit your entry forms (via email) and payments by Wednesday, March 31st. During the competition, you will connect your phone to your studio sound system to hear our MC announce your events live as well as the music for your heats! Click here for full instructions for how to compete live on Zoom!

Registration Deadlines:

Pre-Recorded Entry Submission Deadline – Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

Pre-Recorded Video Submission Deadline – Monday, March 29th, 2021

Live Entry Submission Deadline – Wednesday, March 31st, 2021