Next Event: April 10-13, 2025

Hello Friends

We woud like to share the news about the upcoming Philadelphia Dancesport Championships! As you already know, we are back in Philadelphia and happy to say, there are no restrictions to run the event!

Our hotel is conviniently located in the Philadelphia Airport area and there is a free shuttle from the terminals. The parking is free. If you would like to visit the City of Philadelphia, it’s only 10 minutes away by taxi. The weather is always beautiful during this time of the year and you will enjoy exploring the historical city with many atractions and the world famous museums.

This year we will bring back the Latin Live Cintron Band! They will be playing during the Night Club session on Thursday and at the afterparty on Saturday night. In addition, we will have live percussion performace during the other sessions.

Competitors will have a free admission to the sessions they are competing at.

Please, book your rooms in advance and register here

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Your hosts,

Chuck and Igor