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Video Submissions

Video Submissions

Video Submission Deadline – Monday, March 29th, 2021

We must receive your videos by this deadline to give our professional editing team time to process and format them.


  1. Submit your entry forms via email to [email protected]. Your instructor will then receive an invoice via email. Submit your payment for the balance due.

  2. We have developed a portal for you to easily access your music and upload your videos straight from your phone.

  3. In your invoice email, you will receive instructions to access your unique competitor’s page on our portal. On this page, you will see a list of all the dances you’ve entered. Each dance contains the song you will dance to and an option to upload your video for that dance.

  4. You must record your videos using the music we provide. All of our music is set to official competition tempo and contains “audio markers” at the beginning and end of each track consisting of three drum taps and a beep. Your pre-recorded videos MUST include the full audio markers at both the beginning AND end of every track.

  5. For Single Dances, you will receive individual tracks per single dance entry. Record your dances one at a time to the music files provided. For example, if you are competing in all five (5) of the Bronze Standard dances, you will submit five (5) separate videos, one for each dance. For Multi-Dances, Scholarships, and Championships, you will receive one track which will include all of the dances within that event. Record and submit your dances in one continuous take.

How To Film Your Dancing:

  • Ask a friend or colleague to film your dancing. Have them follow you around the space to ensure you are always front and center in the shot. DO NOT use a tripod as it will be too difficult for the judges to see your dancing when you are far away.

  • In addition to the phone you will use to record your videos, you will need a separate device (for example, a second phone) to play your music. We recommend you connect your second device directly to your studio sound system and play the music from there.

  • Record your videos horizontally with your smart phone set to 1080p at 30 frames per second. This is usually the default setting on most smart phones. (To check, open your “Settings” then go to “Camera” to make sure your phone camera is set to 1080p).

  • When you are in position, the person filming should start recording BEFORE the person playing your music starts the audio track. This will ensure that the full audio marker in included in the recording. Each track contains a couple of seconds of lag time before the audio marker (three drum taps and a beep) to give both the dancers and the camera operator time to get in position before the dance begins.

  • For Single Dances, each track contains one minute and 10 seconds (1:10) of music to dance to. After 1:10, the music will fade out. When you hear the music fade out, bow like you would at a traditional competition. After the music fades to silence, you will hear an audio marker: three drum taps and a beep. The person filming should continue recording until you are finished bowing AND until the ending audio marker has stopped. For Multi-Dances, Scholarships, and Championships, there will be one audio marker before the first dance and a final audio marker after the last dance. Please fully include both audio markers in the recording you submit.

  • DO NOT edit your videos in any way. Please submit the original video files for our professional editing team to edit.

How To Upload Your Final Videos:

  1. Once you have recorded your videos, upload each video directly to our online portal. If you upload the wrong video by mistake, you can replace the incorrect video with the correct one.