Next Event: April 11-14, 2024

Sunday Session New Start Time

Attention: Due to the amount of new entries, we are excited to announce the Sunday Kid Session is now starting at 8:30PM. Heatlists have been updated in the DanceComp App and NDCA site.

Action Heroes at PDC Night Club

Welcome to The Action Hero Night Club session at Philadelphia Dancesport Championships on April 7! Competitors, the officials and spectators are all welcome to dress up into their favorite action heroes costumes, have fun with us! During the night we will have a special martial arts self defense demonstration/workshops! Everyone is welcome to join! We […]

Hello Friends

We woud like to share the news about the upcoming Philadelphia Dancesport Championships! As you already know, we are back in Philadelphia and happy to say, there are no restrictions to run the event! Our hotel is conviniently located in the Philadelphia Airport area and there is a free shuttle from the terminals. The parking […]

Special Bonus for Professionals

Professional Couples with 50 Pro/AM entries receive a 50% bonus on their prize money per Style. ie. A Professional Couple entering three style must have a 150 Pro/Am entries to receive the bonus in all three styles.

Schedule of Event 2022

Thursday April 7th Session 1: 6:00PM Solos Pro/Am Nightclub Single & Multi Dance. ! Party & Food Friday April 8th Session 2: 7:30AM Pro/Am Rhythm Single and Multi Dance* Pro/Am Standard Single & Multi Dance* Session 3: 8:00PM Amateur Latin, Ballroom, Smooth & Rhythm (Adults & Seniors) Rising Star Professional Smooth Rising Star Professional Rhythm Rising Star Professional Standard […]

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